Facebook Loves To Spy!

Some people believe their phone is listening to them. Have you ever said something out of the ordinary, then picked up your phone to find the word or phrase you used leading on your search engine? It happens more than you know. HuffPost says that Facebook has been paying people $20/mo. for info on their habits. Maybe that's not that big of a deal...but Apple banned the product in June and removed the app from their store in August. This brings the question to the front: which is more important, your privacy or a buck? Seriously! You can't even but two coffees a week at that level, yet Facebook has access to everything you do.

A second question: when are we going to tire of BIG DATA getting all up in our business? We're letting this happen...every day. There will come a point in time that we're going to be held hostage by big data. Is it worth it?