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Tom Charlstom - First Federal Credit Union

An Illinois group looking to put parents rights on the ballot this fall, hosts a rally in Moline on Wednesday. The Parents Matter Coalition, a grassroots organization of Illinois parents, activists and faith and community leaders, will be at Faith Evangelical Free Church on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. for a rally for an effort to collect the 500,000 signatures necessary to place a statewide advisory referendum on the November general election ballot. The referendum would require parental consent for children under the age of 18 to receive non-emergency medical care, including gender modification procedures and gender therapy. More information on the Parents Matter Coalition can be found at

Paul Tice - Author: THE RACE TO ZERO

In THE RACE TO ZERO, Paul Tice contends: “A global financial system where every trade, investment, and portfolio decision is viewed through a subjective multivariate moral prism applied by third-party sustainability experts will represent a paradigm shift that fundamentally changes Wall Street. In industry jargon, there will be no mean reversion with ESG. Past a certain point—which is rapidly approaching—there will be no unwinding of the sustainability trade. With each passing year of capitulation and conformity, it becomes that much harder for the financial industry to walk back its previous praise and support of the ESG argument. ESG investing has kicked off a race to the bottom for Wall Street and a downward market spiral that will eventually crater the global financial system.”

Rory O'Neill - Major League Pain

With spring training underway Major League Baseball players are complaining about new uniforms. National Correspondent RORY O’NEILL will explain why.

Dominick Miserandino - Industry Insider

Does WalMart + Vizio = an Amazon rival? Doug spoke with industry insider, Dominick Miserandino about how a rival connected TV platform could change the landscape for both shopping and entertainment.

Lori Glaze - NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas

Lori Glaze, Director, Planetary Science Division, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas (430pm 2.22.24 watch the live moon landing)

The Doug Wagner Show - Weather and Giggles with Becca and Doug

The roller coaster continues, with record warmth this coming week

Nate Whited - What's Cookin' Wednesday

Nate Whited talks to Doug Wagner about Pie Class and other classes, gift cards plus grilling/Blackstone seasoning. 330 1st Street East, Independence Iowa East Side of Downtown Independence across from City Hall in Kings Hall Open Tuesday through Friday from 10am-5:30pm Saturday 9am-4pm

Joshua Waller - Farming Cowboys In Israel

HaYovel Operations Director and The Israel Guys co-host Joshua Waller discusses the program, where American cowboys are making a difference on the Israel farming front. With the Israel/Hamas war ongoing, there’s a heavy need for certain resources, particularly when it comes to the citizens that are just trying to get by. And that’s where the American cowboys come in. Ever since the horrific October 7th attack, a number of American cowboys have been volunteering to help with farming in Israel, filling a void left behind by soldiers that are currently fighting in the Israeli Military. This NewsNation clip’ shows a number of these cowboys reporting for duty, discussing the importance of their work in Israel and how they’re helping people get by day-to-day. HaYovel Official website: You can visit the official website at About Joshua Waller… Joshua first traveled to Israel at the age of 14 when he arrived with his family to establish the first Christian Zionist volunteer organization aimed at supporting the Jewish pioneers in Judea and Samaria, falsely labeled the West Bank by many. Over the years, he has actively participated in field operations, assuming the position of Operations Director at the age of 20. In this role, Joshua has led thousands of volunteers from over 30 nations on various projects across Israel's heartland. These have included planting tens of thousands of trees and vines, harvesting grapes and olives, pruning thousands of acres of vineyards, and many more volunteer projects. In addition to his hands-on involvement, Joshua is also known for co-hosting The Israel Guys show, which boasts a substantial following of over 300,000 online subscribers, and received 10 million views in 2023. Through this platform, Joshua has emerged as a prominent advocate for Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria, amplifying the voices of those who share his commitment to the cause.

Adam Makos - Author of A HIGHER CALL

Masters of the Air: The True Story of the Legendary Pilots, Esquire Hollywood vs. History Discuss the accuracy of what we saw on TV in Masters of the Air The story of the 100th Bomb Group, the brotherhood that inspired the new Apple TV+ series Masters of the Air. How his grandfathers inspired his interest in WWII and eventual career as a military author and historian. Makos's grandfather was a radio operator on B-17s during WWII and Makos himself has flown a B-17, allowing him to provide unique perspective on events covered in Masters of the Air. Website: Facebook: @adammakosauthor Instagram: @adammakos