Great Family Resolutions For 2019

Morning! It's Doug here...a few minutes ago, I went through a list of Family Resolutions for 2019 suggested by

The idea behind these resolutions is to bring the family back together. I participated in the craziness of raising kids on the run. My ex-wife and I ran ourselves ragged making sure each musical practice and concert was well attended...and the same with athletic events.  

The good things about that kind of lifestyle:

  • Kids are enriched by team events by finding out how to be both a leader and team member
  • Music talents transfer to other areas, especially academics
  • Kids should learn (if you;re doing it right, parents) how to schedule their time and be responsible for their own stuff

The bad things about that kind of lifestyle:

  • Kids AND parents can be run ragged with a lack of sleep and down time
  • Kids AND parents can become too invested in the extracurricular activities, abandoning the reason school is there in the first place...learning
  • Kids can gauge their self-esteem on their success, or lack thereof, in that extracurricular activity
  • Families get less quality time together
  • A lack of socialization that comes with getting to better know your parents, siblings and children 

Think about what your family priorities are, and make sure FAMILY is the one that gets the top billing in 2019!