The Top Christmas Candies In Every State

Recently, released a list of the top Christmas candies in each state. They offered the top 3 in every state, and I have to ask myself: What is wrong with you, Arkansas, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Ohio? Starburst and Pez aren't Christmas candies!!! I mean, Snickers is only a Christmas candy if it has a holiday wrap on it!

I know that Pez has cute little dispensers for every single holiday season...but it's NOT holiday candy!

Iowa common sense is in full effect, as our favorite Christmas candy is...M&Ms!

In second place? Reese's Minis! Finally, in third place in Iowa, Hershey's Kisses. I was surprised at how far south Peppermint Bark goes! BTW, candy canes are really popular, as well!