"The Goal"-What Do You Want From Your Life?

Doug here...recently, I read some info on the air regarding a book entitled, "The Goal," written by authors Eliyahu Goldratt and Jeff Cox. 

A few of their top tips:

  • If you're not motivated, you're either not experiencing enough pain, or you're not curious enough.
    • Pain is one of the great motivators. Physical pain can cause people to become outrageously strong and move objects they ordinarily would not have the capacity to. Mental pain can cause you to completely shut down and alter reality
    • "Curiosity killed the cat." Also, it can liberate you. Just like pain, curiosity can lead you to otherwise unbelievable heights
  • Ordinary people seek entertainment; extraordinary people seek education
    • I like a good time as much as anyone else. However, I see today's society becoming entertainment-24/7/365. When forced to educate themselves, many people rebel. Why? Because they consume the most precious commodity they have, their time, with trivial matters. Social media, gaming, pursuit of non-developmental events, and the like. Again, no problem with having a good time...but when your wife/mother has two pieces of carry-on luggage in the aisle and you're busy on your phone with a game or checking messages? Dude...seriously?
  • Work on yourself, not on your job
    • You do realize that you are more than just your job, right? A quote they fix on: "Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune."---Jim Rohn
    • If you aren't getting out of your job what you think you should be getting, remember this: If you keep on putting into it what you've been putting into it, why be surprised that you keep getting out of it what you keep getting out of it? From "The Goal," If you want something different, improve you. 
  • Finally, You aren't stopped by obstacles, but by easier paths to lesser goals.
    • Think about this one and how it applies to your life
      • How many times have you been shooting for a certain level of success, only to find accept an intermediate success and try to transform it into your big goal? In other words, you wanted to be making $XXX,XXX by the time you were 40...but they offered you $XX,XXX and a really nifty title. Titles don't pay the bills. 
      • However, you do need to know that your success won't come easily...but it'll be SOOOOO worth it! Remember this little drawing, and good luck!