What Can You Do To Be the Very Best?

Everyone is looking for an edge. Whether you're a professional or a student, you are trying to differentiate yourself from your competition. John Rampton, in Entrepreneur, has a list of what he calls "The Unusual Morning Routines That Set Successful Founders Apart." Rampton confesses, up front, that he's a "morning person." 

Which begs the question: How many of you hit the "snooze" button? More than once? Yeah...me too. Just once, though. The theory behind all of the tips he offers is that if you get up early, stay focused and stay on task/schedule, there's nothing you can't accomplish. Also, you'll be beating your competitors into every single turn.

The one item that I'm not down with, though, is keeping a tight schedule for weekends. For me, that would mean scheduling naps and laying around time. I mean, in addition to raking and yard work, right?