FNCs Bill Hemmer's Deep Dive Into IA Disappearance

After yesterday's (8/13/18) news conference regarding the disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts yielded nothing new, we're left with more questions than answers. Fox News Channel's Bill Hemmer's most recent podcast, "Hemmer Time," digs deeper into the story with two reporters who have been on this story from the beginning.

The father's idea, that she disappeared with someone she knew, is interesting because it makes me feel that he knows what's going on, though he says he is simply speculating. That's an awful heavy bit of speculation and I'm not accusing him of anything...it just seems as if he should be speaking to a specific individual to ask them to bring her back home.

If it is someone Mollie knows, with whom she left, maybe they're just scared because they don't know how to "come back" without being judged, or maybe there was a mutual agreement to disappear. Maybe it was someone that everyone may know who might be with her. Now, those are scenarios only if nothing nefarious has happened.

If you see Tibbetts, or if you know anything about her disappearance, do not attempt action on your own. Instead, please call 800-452-1111.