Hey, April! Go Home! You're Drunk!

(Photo illustration courtesy National Weather Service-Quad Cities)

Take a look at the forecast map. It sure is colorful! Pretty, in fact. Almost looks like a kindergartner had a time with finger paints.

That pink part northwest of us? That a Winter Storm Warning in effect from 4am Wednesday through 1am Thursday. They're looking at 4-6 inches of wet, heavy snow. 

The blue stuff, including Dubuque? That's a Winter Storm Watch in effect from Wednesday night through Thursday morning and THEY expect 3-6 inches of snow and some icing. 

Now, the purple stuff...that's a Winter Weather Advisory in effect from 7a to 7p on Wednesday. Just 1-3 inches of snow and the possibility of some icing.

Hang in there, folks! Spring is here. She just needs to sober up.