Happy National Ag Day!!!

Agriculture means Food For Life. That's a marketing tool...but it's true, as well. I've lived my entire life in states (IA and WI) where agriculture defines the economy. Recently, I was reading the latest issue of Bon Appetit and noted the difference in the way city folk view the food world compared to me.

W week or so back, when I was guest hosting for Simon Conway, a caller was disparaging the Iowa Farm Bureau, saying farmers don't care about the environment; specifically water quality in Iowa or in the larger rivers.

I've never understood how people could claim that a farmer, someone who pays for every single ounce of application, would apply more than they absolutely needed to. It's a waste of their money because it comes out of whatever income received from sales of the commodity. 

Take a moment today to hug a farmer, producer or anyone involved in the Ag production chain!