The SIX Things You You Need To Know Today

  1. The fiscal picture for the state of Iowa may become more clear today. Sources are saying that Governor Reynolds will probably not be calling a special session
  2. Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico this morning as a Cat 4 storm and winds of 155+mph
  3. The number of dead in and around Mexico City is at 225 and climbing following yesterday's earthquake. A state of emergency has been declared
  4. The 3-0 Iowa Hawkeye Football team welcome #4 Penn State this Saturday! Bumper Brigade hits the air at 330
  5. Isolated storms are possible this afternoon into the evening. It'll be humid, as well, with a high of 86 degrees
  6. It's Pepperoni Pizza Day!  Doug's favorite was Sam's Pizza. Justin is a commie and doesn't like it. What's your favorite?