Allergies. They Suck.

Doug here...for about a week now, I've been going through allergy hell. Ragweed is at it's worst right now.



In fact, I read to you earlier this week that ragweed pollen could travel as far as 400 miles. BUILD THE WALL! OK, I jest. But I don't...this is almost killin' me!

Smoke from wildfires like this has added to my torment. Could you believe the color of the skies on Labor Day Monday? It almost looked like it was supposed to be a severe weather kind of day. Between the pollen and the smoke, when I laid down for a nap the other day, I woke up choking. The phlegm was working it's way out of my lungs met up with my post nasal drip and I could not get a breath in! Freaked me out! It took me about five minutes to get chilled out enough and settled down. I got up and just came back into work.

So, with the allergies moving through my lungs and now my head again, here I set just blowing my nose. coughing my head off and taking the meds referred to me by the Hy-Vee Pharmacist. Wish me luck!