Are you taking care of yourself?

Hey! Doug here! Although the temperature isn't cooperating as much as I'd like for it to, it is getting warmer. That means we're wanting to get more active. Years ago, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I could have sworn that I was doing ok. But, then I noticed I was drinking water like a horse. First thing in the morning, I would chug full full glasses, to the point where I felt nauseous. And there was the sweating and the sluggishness after eating, pounding of the heart until food was metabolized. I knew that in order to best diabetes, I had to go all in.

I started eating more "raw" food. In other words, either it was uncooked vegetables and fruits, homemade meals with little or no breads, potatoes or rice. It was true portion sizes of meats, instead of a whole 1.5 pound steak. Sweets were limited to a bite-sized portion. ANd, no cheat day. But something was missing.

Here's where you come in. If you;re ready to start, you need to assemble your healthcare team and make sure everyone is all on the same page. Take some time today to write out your health goals; weight loss, better nutrition, more exercise, becoming more flexible, sleeping more soundly, taking care of your body tip-to-toe. Now, you can't have them all assemble in the same room, but you can take your manifesto to them when you go and see them.

Let's start at the bottom and work our way up:

  • Foot and ankle doctor-Especially if you're diabetic, you'll need to make sure you're checked for proper circulation in your feet, ankles and lower legs. If you've not sedentary, you may have forgotten how to properly walk and may need orthotics to help you compensate for what your body has become. Don't be ashamed...your goal is to get to a point where you may not need them. But, if you will need them for your lifetime, it's better than not exercising at all.
  • If you've been overweight, have your ankles, knees and hips checked for weaknesses; bone, muscle and joints. My Chiropractor, Dr. Ben Wyant (#ad #sponsored) and I talk about flexibility, proper muscle movement and stretching. I have scar tissue buildup in my lower back, the SI joint. My therapy has allowed me to go from having to stretch for 5-10 minutes when I get out of bed, to being able to put my shows and socks on after getting up, going to the bathroom, taking my pills and brushing my teeth. More on my teeth later.
  • If you're of a certain age or have a family history, have a cardiopulmonary check. If you're planning on exercising, this is imperative. The last thing you need is have a heart attack or pulmonary failure when you're exercising.
  • Get help to manage your diabetes, high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. You may have to take medication, and your hoal should be to wean off of it if you can For me, I've gone from 2000MG of Metformin to only 500mg per day. My blood pressure is back to within normal range, and my cholesterol is close. Diet and exercise will help, but so will...
  • Checking your head, heart and soul. So much of our make up is what's behind the screen when we close our eyes. What is keeping you up at night? Are you afraid of true success? Do you pray to the almighty dollar, the next show binged, or to a God? Do you love yourself? Seriously! It took me a long time to recognize that I was worthy of the great things life was offering. It takes a little more work (sometimes a LOT more), but you are worth it. Remember the speech from the flight attendant; you can't really take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself.
  • Go to your dentist! If the entrance to your body is in bad shape, soon, everything else will be. Dr Terrance Riley (#ad #sponsored) is my dentist and it's not just general dentistry. You can benefit from aesthetic dentistry, as well. Crowns, veneers, implants...your smile is one of the first things people notice about you...or don't notice.
  • Dr. Riley has also helped with my sleep apnea. If you are a snorer, if you are tired during the day and even falling asleep at the drop of a hat, check with your doctor for a sleep study and take the results to someone who can create an oral appliance designed to reduce or eliminate your snoring. I've seen non-custom "remedies," and you get what you pay for with those. You may end up in a worse place than you started.
  • If you have noticed, or if someone has noticed hearing issues, check into it! Dr. Molly Parker of Parker Audiology (#ad #sponsored) and I sat down recently, and she walked me through the standard testing. While my hearing is at the lower end of the normal range, she was able to demonstrate to me the difference between what I hear and what someone with normal hearing experiences. It blew me away! I lose some lower end voices and consonants. If you need hearing aids, they are modern, sleek and multi-functional. If you don't get them when you truly need them, studies show you may be doing damage that you might never recover from.
  • Take care of your hair and your skin. I get a haircut once a month even though I don't have the fullest head of hair anymore. Moisturize your skin year-round. it'll pay off in the long run by helping you glow and fight off infections you may get from dry skin and knicks and blisters.

I hope that wasn't too much. Just want to help you live your best life...because Spring is here! Let's pick it up!

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