The good news: retirement means a new life

Recently, my boss retired. You know him: Randy Lee. What you may not know is that he was my neighbor for years. Our kids grew up together, We watched he and his wife go on multiple Alaska cruises through Destinations Unlimited. I joked with him that if he spent any more time there, they'd expect him to start paying income tax.

He's worked hard to keep Newsradio 600WMT, a legacy station, at the forefront. Over 32 years, multiple owners, multiple bosses, two Gulf wars, a couple of shuttle disasters, 9/11, a g;obal pandemic and three impeachment trials of a sitting, that one makes him sound ancient...he's still the best boss I've ever had.

I learned more from him regarding service, humility, patience, diligence, meticulousness and kindness than from anyone other than my father. In fact, he's really the closest thing to a father I've had since he passed ten years ago. His quiet faith, as an example, rather than as a demonstrative effort, is something I aspire to. His devotion to family and singularly kind way of making everyone feel equally at ease, has been remarkable. He never had to be the biggest light shining from the room, he knew that his role would be to adapt to what was necessary for the moment.

He'll get to spend more time with his wife, and his son and his family, especially his grandson. That last human I mentioned, his grandson, will get the most out of this retirement and this man. After pouring himself out for a nearly 50 year career in radio, I know Randy saved his best for his grandson. And they'll both be the better for it.

The good news, today, is that Randy Lee is retired. The greater news, tomorrow, is that he's found his next path in life, and for that, we can all be happy for him.

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