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Don't look to celebrities for intelligent opinions

It’s happened again. Another “celebrity” has decided to grace us with their uneducated opinion. This time, its former porn star, Mia Khalifa, which immediately makes me think that she’s a deep thinker. Not that she cares, because I’m pretty sure she’s not bright enough to comprehend, but I know you care, here’s some recent history.

Some 250 Palestinian Prisoners Released From Israeli Custody

Mahmoud Abbas is serving in the 15th year of his 4-yearterm as President of the Palestinian Authority. You read that right. His organization is just as much of a terrorist organization as their rival, Hamas. In January Abbas called for the first elections in 15 years. About a month ago, realizing that Hamas would win the elections, he canceled them. He blamed the Israelis, but Hamas blamed him.


May 8th, Palestinian militants fired 2 rockets into Southern Israel. That was the beginning of thousands of rockets fired into Southern Israel, but also missiles provided by Iran, fired across Israel. On May 21st, the government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority agreed on a cease fire. In those 13 days, Hamas fired over 4,300 rockets and missiles toward Israel. Of those, over 15 percent misfired and landed in Gaza, killing civilians.


Israel defended itself from both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority with something called Iron Dome. If you recall the Patriot missile batteries used by the US in our Middle East wars, this is the next level, which stopped well over 90% of the rockets and missiles fired into Israel.

Palestinians base their rocket and missile batteries amongst their civilian population...actually in hospitals, apartments and schools. Israeli defense forces would contact the property owner or manager of the building they intended to strike and give them an hour or two warning. They dropped what’s referred to as a knock bomb, which rattled the building as a last warning. Then they destroyed the building.

In one case, they destroyed a building housing both Hamas terrorists and the Associated Press. The “journalists” at the AP denied whined about the Israeli bombing and denied any knowledge of Hamas being co-tenants. Some time back, a former AP reporter wrote a piece in The Atlantic acknowledging that AP staff and management not only knew of Hamas’ presence, they were in league with them. Hamas would bring them photos, audio and video after conflicts with the Israelis, and would only allow them to use the pro-Hamas portions. Hamas would threaten AP reporters and staff, cowering them into becoming the press attaches of their organization.

Israel is a democracy. They have a parliamentary system of government, which means they have a vote of the people, and if there’s not a majority for one party, any of the parties can work to form a coalition government. Israel has been having these elections, one after another, for years now, because the Israeli people have been voting such slim numbers for each party, that they cannot form a viable coalition using any of the parties. I write this to contrast Israel with the Palestinians in Gaza. They are a people run by terrorists. 


The men running the terrorist organizations in Gaza use women and children as cannon fodder. Israelis educate their children on peace and democracy. The terror organizations of Gaza torture and summarily execute homosexuals, while Israelis respect LGBT rights. The Israeli Knesset has had Arab members since 1949.

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers

Now, let’s get back to former porn star, Mia Khalifa. Recently, she has been very vocal in her support of the Palestinian terrorists. She’s jumped on the Twitter train of those calling Israel an apartheid state, though it’s a lie. She is thoroughly uneducated and uses her Lebanese Christian (Catholic) heritage as a replacement for knowledge. She’s just the latest “celebrity” who has attempted to use her social media following in order to sway innocent and uneducated minds. Don’t listen to them. Khalifa, LeBron James, Robert DeNiro, they are all uneducated about the issues of which they profess knowledge. 

Take the time to educate yourself. Read information from both sides. Read news reports, heck, even read celebrity Twitter. But know this; celebrities don’t know what they’re talking about. You’re reading them to find out what the new line is from the Progressive Left. Half of the media is lying (that’s the corporate media). The best resource I’ve found is Dennis Prager. His background uniquely qualifies him. 

In the meantime, I encourage you to stand against terrorism and stand with the Middle East’s only democracy, and a great friend of America; stand with Israel.

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