Despite the Government Small Biz Works To Survive

Over the New Year, Laura and I took a brief trip elsewhere to get away from it all. Mostly the doggies, but away from it all. We've all endured COVID and most of us had some damage from the derecho. Our insult to injury was the orangeburg and sewer problems, so it was time to look at something different.

We've been good at purchasing food from local restaurants, so we didn't feel quite as guilty for trying something new and somewhere different. A driving trip out of town left us with a beautiful view and the opportunity to try new and different cuisines. Whether it was the hotel staff, or each of the restaurants we favored, there was a clear drive to create an environment where the service made us forgot about the times in which we live. Even the delivery services revealed a desire to go above and beyond and to earn the business of someone they may never see ever again.

The government lockdowns in our states and communities has taken a toll, particularly on small businesses, and it's clear that they mean business in order to stay in business for themselves and their employees. I know for a fact it's not the government that is responsible for the positives I've seen. To all of you business owners and hard working employees, a heartfelt, "thank you!" You are the reason our country is still moving forward.