Yes, Coronavirus. But What About the Flu?

Doug Wagner here.

For weeks now, we've been inundated with information on the new pandemic, Corona VIrus. Since it's beginnings of Hubei, China, it's now moved, ever so slowly, across the seas to the United States. Most recently, one dozen-plus patients were airlifted by the military to Omaha, Nebraska to a national quarantine center.

Good news is that international research is showing that the mortality rate for Corona Virus seems to be lower than it was for SARS or MERS, which have occurred in the past five years.The bad news is that influenza has dropped from the view of many Americans.

I know of at least half a dozen families who are dealing with the flu running through their homes, and it has a remarkable effect on the health of children, parents, schedules and buying habits on households.During a down time of year for a lot of retail and restaurants in the first place, more families staying home to tend to personal care means fweer dollars dropped in the local economy.

Friday, on the WMT Morning Show, Randy Lee will be sitting in for me, and he'll be talking to Don Buckner about the Corona Virus (CV) and "Made In China." What could the repercussions of CV be on the economy? We've already heard that Apple has trimmed it's sales forecast based on reductions in parts production and sales in China. What do we need to pay attention to regarding how our economy functions, while in a global economy, to safeguard US companies from extra-national medical or political chaos?

Listen to the WMT Morning Show, Friday, February 21st at 837am CST to find out more about this important topic!