Do You Have Trouble remembering Something You Just Read?

Back when you were in school, you had to read and had to remember for a reason. Now, not so much. And that's why Jory says we need to figure out a new way to read. In his article, Jory identifies keys to remembering:

  • Choose the right books: Don't read something you're not interested in...unless you absolutely have to
  • Connect the book you're reading to the "why" in your life...that interest translates into action if you have the capacity
  • Dig into the book before reading's not cheating to flip through the book to see how it's structured and main points. It'll actually help you read better and retain more information
  • Set a time to read and limit distractions
  • Take (better) notes...this is something I should do. every time I get into a good book, I fall asleep because it's so relaxing!
    • Don't highlight, re-read or type your notes
    • Don't spend more time note taking or indexing
  • Build mental connections while you read
  • Apply what you've read
  • Explain it to someone else
  • Revisit and reorganize your notes

Heck, get your kids to do this early, and watch their comprehension and retention go through the roof!