As You Age, The Best Way To Keep Fit Changes

This morning, I spotlighted an article written by Physiologist, Julie Broderick, entitled, "The Best Way To Keep Fit Changes As You Age." Great article, and I thought I'd sum it up for you!

  • As we age, we have less variety as far as choice of exercises
  • The older we get, more important the mental component is
  • Also, as we age, we should be getting into the social portion of activities

Your kids should try a bunch of different sports. I remember my youngest laid down on the soccer field...I'm thinking he was we moved on to other sports. He fell in love with baseball and football, playing both into high school. As the grow into teens, do your best to keep them in at least one team sport...for boys, video games tend to take over here. For girls, they just aren't as interested in athletics at this age.

Now, in my 50s, I have been working to lose the weight I gained in my 40s. Eating right is half the battle. Physical activity is the other, and it can be difficult. Aches and pains are increasing, and I'm sure you know what I mean on this one! For no reason your ankle just flares up with pain for two minutes, then goes away...WHUT?!? At this age, you need to ease your way into an exercise routine and it's not a bad idea to "confuse" your body by switching up workout types and routines. Also, remember to hydrate by drinking your recommended amount of water through the whole day, not just at one time.

Water glass is filled with tap water.

Water glass is filled with tap water.

Overall, folks, exercise is just one portion of your personal health story. Take control of your health by stepping up to the plate!