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An Excessive Heat Warning Has Been Issued!

Excessive is a charged word. It's also a word that fits the forecast for both temperatures and heat indices for this coming Wednesday through Saturday.

If you have to be out in the heat, here are some rules to follow, courtesy of the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities:

Protect yourself in the heat

It's been nearly six years since we've had a 100-degree day in Cedar Rapids.

Courtesy National Weather Service-Quad Cities

According to the forecast from our weather partners in the KCRG-TV9 First Alert Weather Lab, we have two very real opportunities to break 100...this coming Friday and Saturday.

Do everyone a favor during the Excessive Heat Warning. Please:

  • Check on older folks you know to make sure they're good
  • Check on people you know who are sick or have chronic medical conditions
  • Check more often on younger kids and limit their time outside, as their bodies don't regulate heat as well as adults
  • Check your outdoor pets and make sure they have fresh, cool water and shade...or just bring them inside AND
  • Do not EVER leave children or pets inside non-running cars with the windows rolled up.

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