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It's Turkey Time!!

Roast Turkey

Good stuff in there, but I tend to go toward the Alton Brown recipe for brined and cooked bird.

Alton Brown

Tips for the bird:

Make sure you have enough room for the brining bird in the fridge. Or, you could also do what I’ve done in the past, and that’s brine it in a cooler. I leave it outside and feed the cooler ice to keep the temp around 40 degrees. If you get the willies over doing it in a cooler, remember that you can buy one just for brining, whether it’s birds or pork, I like to brine because it keeps the meat juicy.

Finally, you could do what I did and go to The Grill Works and buy their brining bucket! It keeps the meat submerged and fits in a fridge.

The Briner

Whatever you do, happy brining and Happy Holidays!

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