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Learning Butchery with RanchHers

Steak, cheeseburgers, and ribs... oh my! On this episode of our podcast, travel to Texas to meet women of Grrls Meat Camp! From ranching to butchery, they cover it all. On this FarmHer Talks episode, we visit the Manterola family at the Bar W Ranch cattle pens. Then head to Jake's Salon to meet Grrls Meat Camp founder, Kate Hill and make charcuterie. It's one meaty episode you don't want to miss! 

How To Make a Farm Last 100 Years

Have you ever wondered, how do farms last for generations? Catch a ride with April Hemmes as she shares about her century farm. This FarmHer teaches us how she has kept her family farm alive and going. 

How to Make the Perfect Pie Crust

From pigs to pies, Iowa FarmHer Cristen Clark goes from feeding pigs to baking pie at her food blog, Food and Swine. Join this mother of two as she shows and shares her love for family, farming and cooking. Then, learn her tips on the best pear pie and pie crust you've ever tasted.

How Spain Influenced a USA Pig Farm

In this episode, Marji visits city-girl-turned-ranchher Krystina at Cook Pig Ranch, a pasture-based pig farm raising premium pork in southern California. The ranch is located in the Cleveland National Forest and designed after pig raising methods based in Iberico, Spain. This unique farm design allows the Cook family to raise a more flavorful pork product while raising their family on the farm.

When She's Not Working, She's Riding

In this episode, we're getting to know Amy Heitland of Westfork Ranch in Sheffield, Iowa. Learn about her day from cleaning stalls to riding. Then, meet Amy's family that helps on the farm and hear how personal tragedy has shaped the Westfork Ranch program. 

Meet the First Ever Woman RMA Administrator Marcia Bunger

On November 15, 2021, Marcia Bunger was named Administrator for the Risk Management Agency. On this BRAND NEW episode of FarmHer Talks, we discuss her journey from humble beginnings as a small girl living on a fourth generation farm in rural South Dakota to becoming the first member of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community and the first woman to serve as RMA Administrator. 

Love What You Do

Liz Hunt is the head of Sustainable and Responsible Business for Syngenta. She has a background in horticulture and focuses every day on how to help farmers and landowners be more sustainable. Learn more about Liz and her journey in agriculture!

Mud Buggys and Cowboys

Today's farming in Frostproof, Florida looks a bit different than it did years ago. In this episode, join Marji and FarmHer Shayla McCullers and her family on the Crooked Lake Ranch as we gather up a herd of cattle using low stress handling methods, cowboys on horses and a mud buggy!

Annie's Project: A Vision for Education

Annie's Project is an education program made for farm women, which has now spread to 38 states and US Virgin Islands with over 19,000 graduates. In fact, Annie’s Project is celebrating its 20-year anniversary this year! And Women's History Month is the perfect time to celebrate! Learn more about Ruth Hambleton, who inspired her to start the program, what they do, and how she helps women like you daily.