Manufacturing in a FarmHer Way

FarmHer Firsts- FFA Edition

Where are our past, current, and future FFA members?! This podcast is for all the officHers! Listen in as we chat with Peg Armstrong-Gustafson, Iowa’s first female state FFA president and female national officer candidate. Women like Peg pave the way for women like you!

July is Ice Cream Month! Yum!

Did you know July is Ice Cream Month?! On this episode of FarmHer Talks, we discussed dairy in the most delicious way. Marji is joined by Stacey Noe who has not only built her career in the ag industry but has a new venture full of dairy goodness.

Dairies Coast to Coast

In honor of Dairy Month Marji joined two very different Dairy farmers on this week's episode of FarmHer Talks. From a sixth-generation Maryland cow dairy to a Washington microgoat dairy, she traveled coast to coast to get the details on two different sides of the industry. Meet the women of the Brooms Bloom Dairy in Maryland and then across the country to the infectiously positive Rachael of the Lost Peacock goat micro-dairy.

Where Art and Agriculture Meet: Des Moines Metro Opera

We hear the word "art" and don't take into consideration how broad it is. From the FarmHer beginnings of photography to the Des Moines Metro Opera, it is all art. And it shows us the world through a different lens. Just like in agriculture, you may not think you are a part of it but it enriches your everyday life. And the Des Moines Metro Opera is taking the agriculture world by storm with its world premiere of A Thousand Acres on July 9, 2022. Learn more about the event and how art tackles the tough issues in agriculture on this episode of FarmHer Talks.

Pollinators and the BIG Role They Play Everyday

At FarmHer, we LOVE pollinators that's why Marji decided to chat with Keri Carstens, an expert on the subject. She'll explain the status of pollinators in our country, how we got here, what role modern agriculture plays, and what the future holds, on this episode of FarmHer Talks.

A New Lease on Life

Have you ever felt like you needed a fresh start? On our most recent episode of FarmHer Talks, Marji chatted with a duo who have given their family farm a new lease on life. Meet Shelby Watson Hampton and Susan Watson White, the niece and aunt behind some of Maryland’s finest wines.

Happy Beef Month from the FarmHerd

In Celebration of Beef Month in May, host Marji and co-host Lexi will talk with Elin Parker Ganshchow, a RanchHer and Entrepreneur raising grass fed cattle at the base of the Sangre De Cristo mountains in Colorado. The conversation goes from cattle production to how to make the best roast beef ever.

Connection Is Key: Be Bold with FarmHer

The secret is out and we are so excited to gather back together for the first FarmHer post-pandemic event, Be Bold by FarmHer presented by Nationwide on May 20, 2022, at the FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny, Iowa. One of the main goals of GatHering (do you see what I did there?) is to rekindle connection. Connection seemed to be somewhat lost during the pandemic times. What better to kick off post-pandemic celebrations than connecting with my favorite people: YOU! So what is happening at Be Bold? Why we are passionate about gathering back together? And how you can still be surrounded by other inspiring women by joining our event virtually too? I connected and discussed it with a familiar face, Krista Soda!

A Natural Fit Into Sustainability

To continue the discussion about what sustainability is for you, me, and all of the people who produce AND eat our food, we are going straight to the top. Marji talks about the S-word (aka sustainability) with Dr. Jewel H. Bronaugh, the United States Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, on our most recent Everybody Eats FarmHer Talks. From a standpoint of diversity and inclusion, she is the right voice to have at the table for sustainability in agriculture. Listen in to how she handles sustainability at the USDA, personally, and for the future of agriculture.