Hour Two: KY Machinery Show Recap

Hour One: IA Corn I-LEAD Program Training the Next Leaders

Thursday's First Hour: Brandon Hulme from Champion Seed talks with us about the upcoming season putting in Champion soybeans for the DMACC plot and the decision to rotate. He also tells us about the soil residue he's noticing from lack of soil moisture over the past couple of years. We talk markets with Kluis Commodity Advisors' Al Kluis and get a preview of what he'll be talking about on stage at next week's Commodity Classic. To end the hour, Ryan Steffenson tells us about the Iowa Corn Leadership Enhancement and Development (I-LEAD) program!

Hour Two: Competition Crop Update, Spring Pond Treatments

Wednesday's Second Hour: David has a special report with University of Sau Paulo agronomist Mauro Osaki on the South American crop. Controlled Ponds of Iowa owner Nick Coburn joins us with some tips on pond dye now that any ice that may have formed on the pond has melted away. And Brian Hoops from Midwest Market Solutions closes the show with a look at markets.

Hour One: Drought in Eastern Iowa and a Look ahead to #Plant24

Wednesday's First Hour: We kick off today's show with one of our young guns in ag, Tim Couser, talking about the state of farming for young people and the upcoming growing season. Iowa State University Extension field agronomist Virgil Schmidt in the Eastern part of Iowa discusses the need for some soil moisture and gives some insight on his winter meeting conversations on fighting pests and disease in the field in 2024. Midwest Market Solutions' Brian Hoops is today's market analyst, and we look at a hog market that he says "has turned a corner" and grains that are in the red so far this morning.

Hour Two: Rep. Hinson on Prop 12, Meyer Talks Hogs

Tuesday's Second Hour: Representative Ashley Hinson from Iowa's 2nd District gives us the latest on potential legislation to repeal Proposition 12. Dr. Steve Meyer from Ever.Ag tells us about his projections for the future of the hog industry in the United States. Al Kluis from Kluis Commodity Advisors ends today's program with an update on markets.

Hour One: Not-So-Wintery Conditions in Northern Iowa

Tuesday's First Hour: Angie Rieck-Hinz from Iowa State University Extension tells us what soil moisture looks like where she is in North Central Iowa and says some areas never even saw frost this winter. Al Kluis from Kluis Commodity Advisors looks into markets with us including what he's seeing down the road for new crop prices. David Geger closes the hour with a look at what's coming out of this week's Ag Outlook Forum.

Hour 2: Record Weather Trends in Iowa

BW Fusion Agronomist Josh Messer tells us about the company and who should be looking at "the most powerful gallon in agriculture". State Climatologist Justin Glissan talks drought with us as we hit the 190th straight week of at least some D1 somewhere in Iowa and we look at where this February is on track to rank in terms of warmest of all time.

Hour 1: Cybersecurity on the Farm

Megan Niederwerder from the Swine Health Information Center tells us what they are doing to protect the U.S. swine population from Japanese encephalitis virus. The Director of the ISU Center for Cybersecurity Innovation and Outreach, Doug Jacobson, talks about the risks of using Chinese-manufactured drones and how to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. Tim Meyer from the Steffes Group tells us what auctions they have coming up, including one right in his home county down in Southeast Iowa.

Farming for the Future Friday Near Griswold, IA!

Bob Quinn hits the road today to southwestern Cass County with Muller Livestock for Farming for the Future Friday sponsored by the Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers! Starting the show, CSIF's Brian Waddingham talks about how they can help cattle producers adhere to all of the rules and regulation and set up farmers for success. Kelly and Maggie Muller talk about their business, the growth of the cattle industry over the years, and the importance of farm-to-table products at their shop. Corinne Rowe from Rowe's Red Cows and Rowe’s Meat Market talks about their on-farm store and how other producers can start a store themselves. Iowa Beef Industry Checkoff Executive Director Mike Anderson talks more about the prominence of producer-run stores to sell their product directly to consumers! Jamey Kohake closes out today's Big Show with a look at markets heading into the holiday weekend

Hour Two: Bioreactor Research at ISU

Thursday's Second Hour: Dr. Michelle Soupir at Iowa State University is doing some research on bioreactors and woodchip alternatives; and she tells us more to start the hour. Ian Cox tells us about the latest happenings at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY including the tractor pulls and has some insight on the biggest, newest, and best on display. Don Roose from U.S. Commodities closes down the show today with our update on commodity markets.