Corn Stover Manufacturing Plant To Be Built In Iowa

Photo: Corn Board Manufacturing

(Undated) -- There are plans this year for an Iowa facility which will make wood pallets out of corn stover. Lane Segerstrom, CEO of Corn Board Manufacturing says the facility will built near Odebolt, in Sac County, Iowa this year.

"It'll do about 10 million square feet of board a year. We'll have somewhere between 50 and 75 farmers we'll be working with, to take a little bit of their (corn) stover, and push it into a board, and share it with the world," said Segerstrom.

He made the announcement during National Biobased Products Day in Des Moines this week. A day sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture to raise awareness of biobased products and the benefits of those products.

This event was co-hosted by Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc. and Landus.

Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc. is a Texas based company that manufactures a pressed, engineered wood alternative using corn stover purchased from Iowa farmers.

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