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Simon Conway

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Simon Conway Show hour two

It's Pearl Harbor Day! So Few People Mark This Day Anymore

Why is it so important? The CEO of the Battleship Iowa explains it to us

Are You Looking For A Special Gift For The Nasa/Space Nut In Your Life?

Simon talks to the author of an incredible new "coffee table" book that contains the first picture of Neil Armstrong actually on the moon!

Our Legal Expert Looks At a Class Action Lawsuit against Apple

Those tags that help you find your keys or lost luggage are also apparently favored by your stalker

Simon Conway Show hour one

Simon opens today's show by reflecting on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Next, Simon talks with Alan Ostegren about Apple's lawsuit over their Airtags.

Simon Conway Show hour three

Simon begins hour three by talking with the producer of “Grid Down, Power Up” about the attack on power grids in North Carolina. Next, Simon talks about the USPS surveillance program.

Who Shot Up Power Sub Stations In North Carolina?

40,000 plus were without power, but was it vandalism or something more nefarious?

Why Is This Year's Flu So Much Worse?

Dr Daliah Wachs exposes what's been happening with the 2022 Flu

State Senator Brad Zaun Promises New Legislative Session Will Put Parents First and Deal with Property Tax

There are other things as well, but that's a pretty good start as far as I'm concerned

Gordie Siebring Joins Us Once Again Live From the Ukraine

Farming, deaths of young soldiers, starving people... not a fun update