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Simon Conway

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Simon Conway: Women's Veteran's Day, Tiny Boats and More!

Simon Conway: Saving Women's Sports, the Debt Ceiling and More!

Hour Two: Riley Gaines calls into the show. Plus, former Congressman Jason Chaffetz on his new book and the debt ceiling.

Simon Conway: Riley Gaines Calls in to the Show!

The former division 1 swimmer chats with Simon about what her original plans were, how they changed and why she's so passionate about her cause.

Simon Conway: America is Paying $2 Billion in Interest Per Day

Jason Chaffetz, former congressman, joins the show to talk about the debt ceiling, his new book and more.

Simon Conway: D-Day, China and More!

Hour One: Simon takes a moment to mark the anniversary of D-Day with 101 year old WWII veteran Howard McDonald. Plus, Vivek Ramaswamy wants to ban business with China, so he joins the show to explain why.

Simon Conway: Today is the 79th Anniversary of D-Day

Simon takes a moment to remember the occasion and chats with Howard McDonald, a 101 year old World War II veteran who was there.

Simon Conway: Vivek Ramaswamy Says He Wants to ban American Companies From Doing Business With China

He calls into the show to tell Simon why and how he would do it.

Simon Conway: Cows, Chocolate and More!

Hour Three: A recent story highlights Ireland's plan to kill over 200k cows, so Simon gave his thoughts. Plus, a story on how chocolate can counter global warming.

Simon Conway: Medicare, AM Radio and More!

Hour Two: Sue Peschin, CEO of Alliance for Aging Research, calls in to talk about Medicare and Alzheimer's. Plus, the AM Radio bill will head to subcommittee tomorrow.

Simon Conway: Is Medicare Lying About Access to Alzheimer Drug Access?

Sue Peschin, CEO of the Alliance for Aging Research, calls in to answer that question.