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Mayorkas impeached by US House. Does it matter?

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Holds Media Availability In Eagle Pass, Texas

Photo: John Moore / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Second time's a charm! Republicans impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas yesterday in a decisive 214-213 vote.

Three Republicans still failed to vote with the majority.

What happens next is a trial of some description will take place in the US Senate at which they will fail to convict.

I'm not sure that's the wrong decision, because I'm struggling to see high crimes or misdemeanors here. I can clearly see he's terrible at his job, but then again, he's probably only doing what Biden has asked him to do.

So - we have impeached a cabinet secretary for the first time since 1876 and nothing will change. He will keep his job and the policies will remain the smae.

Was it worth it? Does it matter?

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