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Will Tim Scott secure a position on the Presidential debate stage?

Senators Conduct Official Business On Capitol Hill

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Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) will enter the GOP Presidential nomination race on Monday. After a big announcement in his home state of South Carolina, Scott will head to Iowa and New Hampshire.

We have seen that from many outsiders before, but Scott is dropping millions of Dollars in advertising between now and the Iowa Caucuses in the clear hope of building enough support to make it to the debate stage.

“I want to provide that alternative not to any specific candidate, but for the American people,” Scott told CBS last month. “The difference between me and others, I believe, is that my focus is on the fact that I used to be a kid who didn’t see a future. I used to be a kid that was angry about the cards that I was dealt. I was blessed by a mother who never surrendered. I was blessed by a mentor who always loved and supported my ideal self. And it’s because of those two individuals that I now have greater faith in the future for others.”

Scott is spending millions in Iowa and New Hampshire, but will also launch a seven figure digital campaign. His first target has got to be making the debate stage. Will he make it?

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