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Will you ever buy an electric car?

Tesla says new V3 Supercharger stations will reduce recharging times by half II

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Right now if you own an electric car, it costs you the equivalent of around $2 a gallon to "fill it up".

Add to that the high cost to buy it and the HUGE roughly $26,000 bill you'll be facing if you ever have to change the battery, and it is not surprising that many of us are rejecting the idea of ever owning one.

Unlike GM, Ford for example is not going all electric. In fact they just unveiled their 2024 all gas powered Mustang. Looks cool!

"We’re investing in ICE (internal combustion engines) segments where we’re dominant and where we think, as competitors leave the segments, we can actually grow," Ford CEO Jim Farley told FOX Business.

"I find it intriguing that we’re portraying the future of our industry as monolithic. That’s not how it goes. That’s not how it’s going to manifest itself."

It is obviously true that battery technology will improve, but right now you couldn't make it to St Louis without an hour-long stop somewhere to recharge it.

I can't really see me ever owning one. How about you? Will you ever buy an electric car?

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