Should Governor Reynolds act to stop local jurisdictions' mask mandates?

Yesterday kids who get their education at the Interstate 35 Community School District, were denied access to their classrooms because these teens refused to put on their masks.

Meredith and Natalie Gibson along with some of their friends, have simply had enough.

Yesterday their dad Nathan, came on my show to tell us all about what happened. You can listen to that below.

However, this particular situation is part of a wider problem. If you love the Downtown Farmers Market in Des Moines, well there's a mask mandate there. It's a Des Moines City thing.

In fact many smaller jurisdictions in Iowa have mask mandates in place and I know what you are thinking.

How is this possible? Governor Reynolds removed ALL mask requirements in Iowa. The Attorney General of Iowa, Democrat Tom Miller, has also said the Governor's orders cannot be superseded by these smaller jurisdictions and yet since the very beginning these authorities have ignored that.

At one point we were being told that individual citizens would need to sue, but that is clearly ridiculous. So is it time for the Governor's Administration to act and go after School Boards like this one and other masked areas and make them comply?

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