Iowa public school enrollment down 6K - are parents voting with their feet?

About 6,000 fewer students have enrolled in Iowa's public schools - the first drop in a decade.

According to reporting by KCRG School Districts aren't even sure where some of the kids went.

“I know schools, all of us we’re asking each other the same question, like where did kids go? Ultimately we think that a lot of them just chose not to enroll for whatever reason and you know unfortunately there are ways that families can do that through home school where they don’t have to notify us,” Nathan Wear, associate superintendent of the Linn-Mar Community School District, said.

Meanwhile the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program has seen a 26% increase in students. "About 120 students have joined us who were not homeschooling in the year before,” Rachel Kerns, the director of the program, said.

So what is going on? Did the lack of formal education possibilities during the Rona show parents it wasn't as hard as they thought it was?

Are parents voting with their feet?

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