Why do you think I got over COVID so quickly? Take part in today's Poll...

It was election day - November 3rd - I tested positive for the Chinese Virus. I'd been feeling off for a couple of days with a minor cold.

Since the beginning of the Wuhan Flu I have been broadcasting at home. I've been careful, but not paranoid. I have worn masks when entering private businesses that required it, but not otherwise. I am theoretically in three high risk groups and I'm not ready to leave the planet. This is a serious thing. I have never said anything else. Just last week my friend and colleague Jeff, lost his dad to it.

I believe the chances of that happening for most people are extremely small.

Anyway, I got in touch with my doc who put me on Hydroxycholoquine, very high doses of Vitamin C and D3, 30 mg of Zinc and an antibiotic. I lost taste for three days which was weird, but I never got any worse. By last Monday I was feeling like the cold had gone and so I arranged to be tested again. The earliest available was Thursday. I did that and received my NEGATIVE result by Saturday. I suspect I was clear of it in under a week.

My doc tells me with treatment most are non infectious after five days. Without treatment, 28 days plus.

I made two TV appearances last week and didn't miss a radio show. I missed two shows the week before on Thursday and Friday. It wasn't that I couldn't do them, it was that they were leaving me exhausted.

So why do you think I kicked the Rona's behind so quickly?

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