Big tech picks Biden. Will Trump's "us against them" argument work again?

Big Tech picks a side in presidential election

Big Tech picks a side in presidential election

Yesterday on the show I summed up the President's argument in 14 seconds of audio. "We Did Not Come This Far ... Only To Surrender Our Country Back to the Depraved Washington Swamp" the President said in Des Moines.

Us against them. That's the argument. Big Tech has clearly picked Biden with both Twitter and Facebook organizing mass censorship on a scale the Communist Chinese would be proud of. We are not allowed to read the fourth largest circulating newspaper in the country because of a story no one is denying which is damaging to Biden.

In last night's so called town hall, Joe Biden was not asked a single question about his son and the accusations of corruption against him personally. Not one. The media is also clearly for Biden now. Not even trying to hide it.

So the question becomes, does this "us against them" argument work? What do you think?

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