HyVee starts to give out 3 million masks to customers - will you take one?

Hy-Vee will start giving out at least three million face masks to their customers starting on Monday next week.

“We know we are in this for the long haul,” said Tina Potthoff, vice president of communications at Hy-Vee. “So, this is something we will continue to do, and even if we have to give out more than 3 million masks, we will.”

Although retailers like Walmart and CVS have now backed off from mandating customers wear masks, Hy-Vee never went down that road.

“It's hard to put a retailer in a situation where you might have a confrontation or you may have someone who has a medical exemption, and you continually have to ask them questions and pepper them with questions, and it’s not necessarily our responsibility, or at least we don't think that is the case,” Potthoff said.

Will you be taking one of the free masks?

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