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According to Reuters, the President will sign an Executive Order today which will put political bias at Twitter, Facebook and other social media operators, in the crosshairs of the FCC.

Reuters claims to have seen a draft of the order which it says will make the companies responsible for material posted by their users.

The President said there would be action after Twitter tagged a couple of his tweets with "corrections" regarding mail in ballot fraud.

Reuters said the draft order "asks the FCC to examine whether actions related to the editing of content by social media companies should potentially lead to the platform forfeiting its protections under section 230.

"It requires the agency to look at whether a social media platform uses deceptive policies to moderate content and if its policies are inconsistent with its terms of service."

And there's a lot more too. Reuters said the draft order also states that "the White House Office of Digital Strategy will re-establish a tool to help citizens report cases of online censorship. Called the White House Tech Bias Reporting Tool, it will collect complaints of online censorship and submit them to the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)."

The bottom line here is that this is about the bias some social media sites have continuously shown against conservatives. Right now for example, I cannot post to my own Facebook. I have been able to get someone else to do it for me and apparently that happens in my name (so weird), but me personally? I can't post or comment. Why? Well according to FB they can't confirm I am in West Des Moines even though their own site says it sees me active in West Des Moines (where I have been for almost a decade!). It's just a technical glitch they say, and its been going on for weeks.

So who will win? The President or Twitter?

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Trump vs Twitter - who will win?

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