Need to Know with Jeff Angelo

Need to Know with Jeff Angelo

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Matt Bennett: Conservative university students are uncomfortable sharing their views.

John Decker: Will President Trump be arrested this week?

Joel Patterson: Will you soon have a cyber-supervisor? Jeff Angelo: Iowa Republicans use the "Obamacare" strategy on school choice. Tobin Anderson sounds off one final time from March Madness. Jeff Angelo: What I like about Caitlin Clark. Eric Peterson: 7 Things to Know About Social Security Before Starting Benefits.

Jeff Angelo: Who's In Charge Of Raising Iowa's Children?

Jeff raises a key question inspired by passage of the "bathroom bill" in Iowa; the impact of the NCAA tournament on Iowa; Alex Wilson and Julie Kraft provide a weekend preview; Craig Bannister describes how one bank failure provides a lesson to other financial institutions; Senator Joni Ernst confronts Secretary Of Agriculture Tom Vilsack with concerns over a livestock lending program.

Eric Peterson: What You Need To Know Regarding Banks

Eric Peterson addresses the banking situation currently while Stephen Patterson reacts to news of impending higher food prices; Senator Dan Dawson discusses eliminating the Iowa income tax; Jeff asks Ron Holloway about the potential of a US/Russia military conflict.

Iowa Weekend: Basketball And Blarney!

Yes, this Iowa weekend is filled with hoops and St. Patrick's Day events, but Alex Wilson of Catch Des Moines and Julie Kraft of the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance include a variety of events during their weekend preview powered by Mr. Electric Of Central Iowa.

Jeff Angelo: A NORTHERN border crisis?

Jeff Monosso reports on the border the northern border; Jeff discusses the Governor's reorganization bill plus a surprise proposal approved by the Iowa Senate regarding over-the-counter birth control; Ryan Schmelz reports on the release of video footage of a confrontation between a Russian jet and a US drone; listeners pick which Iowa team will go the furthest in the post-season tournaments.

Jeff Angelo: Equality, Not Equity

Eben Brown joins Jeff to discuss efforts to stop DEI programs in Florida and Iowa; Shelly Loving reacts to the study that attributes some cognitive decline to lifestyle choices; Dr. Heidi Overton reacts to controversy over the approval of an abortion pill; listeners debate which Iowa team will go the furthest in post-season tournaments.

Jeff Angelo: An Iowa Victory Over The Church Of Woke

Jeff says the Iowa Legislature has scored a victory over wokism in Iowa; Author Jane Healey tells the real-life story of a Hollywood star turned World War II heroine in "Goodnight From Paris;" Jeff comments on the ongoing controversies over drag shows; Rory O'Neill reports on the concern voiced by the FAA over airliner close calls.

Jeff Angelo: Record Flooding In Iowa Ahead?

Jeff Zogg of the National Weather Service joins Jeff to explain why the weather service is worried about record flooding in Iowa; Dr. Eric Napute explains how bureaucrats are destroying the ability of doctors to manage pain in patients; Brendan Steinhauser reacts to President Biden's gun control executive order; Attorney Doug Burns discusses the Hunter Biden investigation.

Jeff Angelo: Partisan Payback At The Iowa Legislature?

Jeff talks about to Senator Mike Bousselot about a bill that State Auditor Rob Sand blasted on the show as partisan payback; Kyle Horn and Kam Middlebrooks tout (and address concerns about) a program encouraging employers to hire parolees; Brad Anderson of AARP invites Iowans to engage candidates about social security; Rory O'Neill looks at the latest inflation numbers.