Need to Know with Jeff Angelo

Need to Know with Jeff Angelo

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Jeff Angelo: Interview with Mike Love of The Beach Boys

Jeff Angelo: Will It Snow In Iowa For Christmas?

Accuweather meteorologist Paul Pastelok joins Jeff to issue an early prediction on whether it will snow on Christmas in Iowa.

Mike Love: Why The Beach Boys Tour At Christmas

Mike Love of The Beach Boys shares a laugh with Jeff over the fact that the band that epitomizes fun in the sun is doing a holiday tour...then talks with him on why Christmas is important to the origin of the legendary band.

Jeff Angelo: San Francisco with killer robots?

Iowa's Favorite Christmas movie. Will it snow in Iowa on Christmas? Defense bill drops military COVID vaccine mandate.

Jeff Angelo: Iowa High School Athletic Association will consider dividing teams up

Schools being divided along economic lines. Christmas Traditions and a interview with David Townsend about the cost of the 12 days of Christmas this year.

Jeff Angelo: Why Is Oyster Stew An Iowa Christmas Tradition?

Iowans discuss their favorite Christmas traditions and Jeff is intrigued as to why oyster stew keeps coming up; listeners weigh on on a plan by the Iowa High School Athletic Association to create what Jeff calls "poor kids football;" David Townsend reveals the cost of the 12 days of Christmas gifts this year.

Jeff Angelo: The stakes in Georgia Warnock/Walker runoff and Christmas Traditions.

Interview with Terry Schilling on Warnock/Walker runoff. An Angelo Christmas Tradition and weekly legal with Andrew Reed.

Jeff Angelo: A Lame Duck Congress Attacks The American Worker

Chris Chmielenski warns Iowa about the "EAGLE Act" being considered by the lame duck Congress; Jonathan Savage reports on a price cap being imposed on Russian oil; Jared Halpern says Congress will consider a repeal of the military's coronavirus vaccine mandate; Tonya J Powers explains the Oxford Dictionaries "word of the year" to Jeff.

Jeff Angelo: Warnock/Walker Georgia Runoff Update

Steven Rabb calls in from Georgia to discuss the latest as voters go to the polls to choose between Warnock and Walker while Jeff follows up with lessons that need to be learned by Republicans; Mike Cockrum has the details on a new Iowa entry-level CDL training program; Dr. Shad Grove delves into the science of why some people hate holiday music.

Jeff Angelo: The Twitter Files...And The Trump Reaction

Rory O'Neill has the latest on the Twitter files regarding Hunter Biden's laptop and President Trump's reaction; Mary Beth Meyer provides an emotional preview of the Pinky Swear Radiothon; Paul Seegert comments on why more rural hospitals will close in 2023; Rob Hays has advice on saving on a hotel room during the holidays.