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Biden Makes All-Time Bad Trade

Joe Biden has made an awful trade, choosing to free an arms dealer nicknamed “the Merchant of Death” for a mediocre WNBA player.

There’s pushback and it’s encouraging.

You may recall Victor Bout’s story from one of the better Nic Cage movies.

The idiot teachers’ union head who kept your kids out of school only sees that Griner is a lesbian, by the way.

Meanwhile, a U.S. Marine is still being held on totally bogus charges. His name is Paul Whelan — and yes, his family says they support freeing Griner, but what else are they gonna say?

About the best you can say about this trade is it’s not as bad as Barack Obama trading five terrorists — some of whom are now running the terrorist state of Afghanistan — for an Army deserter.

This is about — at its core — this woman is an American citizen. All this other stuff that leftists are bringing up should not factor into the thinking of the U.S. government at all.

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