Motorist Busted After Tossed Pickle Hits Road Worker

A motorist from Massachusetts found himself in trouble with the law following a bizarre incident in which he allegedly tossed a pickle out the window of his vehicle and it wound up hitting a highway worker. The weird event reportedly occurred on Monday evening as Christoph Herrmannsdoerfe was crossing the border into Vermont and passed by a transportation employee working a detail at the spot. What happened next was either a case of terrible timing or an act of truly strange civil disobedience.

According to police, at the moment that Herrmannsdoerfe drove by the workers, he "threw an object out the window, later determined to be a large pickle, which struck the victim and caused him pain." While it would not appear that the worker was seriously injured by the flying gherkin, the crew nonetheless quickly relayed the vehicle information to local authorities. More on this very odd story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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