Watch: 'Haunted' Dolls Filmed Moving on Their Own?

An eerie piece of footage from a homeowner in Ohio appears to show his wife's porcelain dolls moving on their own. The creepy video was reportedly captured by Chad Gassert when he was home alone last month. Purportedly having seen the potential paranormal activity in the past, the man was prepared when he noticed that the toys had begun moving again and quickly pulled out his phone to document the moment.

In the video, one of the dolls can be seen inexplicably shifting towards the front of the case that houses it and Gassert films around the house to show that he is home alone. A subsequent clip shows a second incident in which another of the figurines moves by way of an unseen force. The footage comes to an end when Gassert pans over to a couch and some clothes fall off of it, suggesting that perhaps the spirit moving the dolls may be on the move.

Check out the spooky video at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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