Ghost of Elvis Visits His Cousin?

A relative of Elvis Presley claims to have had an eerie experience that he suspects may have been a visit from the ghost of the legendary musician. The spooky incident occurred last month at the home of Billy Smith, who is the second cousin of Graceland's iconic inhabitant. He recounted the tale on his YouTube show, 'Memphis Mafia Kid,' during an episode devoting to pondering a question that has undoubtedly kept many a fan of The King up at night over the last few weeks: if Elvis were alive the coronavirus crisis, would he have quarantined?

After postulating that Elvis would probably be sheltered in place at Graceland with friends and family while also reaching out to the president in an effort to see what he could do to help the situation, Smith revealed a strange thing that happened to him the night prior to recording the video. "I was sitting right here in this spot," he recalled, referencing his couch, when he got tired of watching television and decided to listen to some music from his late great second cousin.

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