Watch: Massive Flock of Migratory Birds Appears on Weather Radar

A weather radar in southern Florida picked up a rather wondrous sight in the form of a massive flock of birds that resembled a colorful storm. The remarkable moment was noticed by meteorologist Jason Dunning of WBBH-TV in Fort Myers as he examined data from the previous day. Much to his amazement, he saw that a radar based in Key West displayed a huge blob that was not a thunderstorm nor any other kind of weather phenomenon.

As captured by the radar over the course of several hours, a huge swath of orange spots can be seen emerging from along the coast of Cuba and forming a huge cloud, of sorts, over Key West. Dunning went on to explain that the unusual flying objects were, in fact, migratory birds making the journey north as the warm weather begins here in the United States. More on this odd story at the Coast to Coast AM website.