Iowa Gaming Commission Meets Friday On Timeline For Cedar Rapids Casino

Couple playing slot machine in casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Photo: Sean Murphy / Stone / Getty Images

(Cedar Rapids, IA) -- The group planning to apply to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission to bring a casino to Cedar Rapids says the project is about more than gambling.

Linn County Gaming Association President Anne Parmley tells Iowa's News Now "I'm really excited to see both what happens with our nonprofits, but also the investment in our community and the dollars that come back that we can invest in our downtown, invest in our surrounding communities to make the whole area more vibrant and more attractive for people to come."

The state Gaming Commission will meet Friday to work out a timeline to review the application, which usually takes six to nine months.

The application is expected to be submitted to the commission by the end of this month.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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