Davenport Having Regrets About MLB Modern Woodmen Park Deal

Photo: Craig Michaels

(Davenport, IA) -- Davenport Mayor Mike Matson says if the city knew that Major League Baseball would ask for nearly a million dollars in park upgrades, they may have never signed the 10-year lease agreement for Modern Woodmen Park.

Matson made the comments after MLB asked for a new field, and extended outfield netting at the 90+ year-old ballpark.

Dave Heller, Quad City River Bandits owner tells WQAD News 8 that park upgrades are the cost of having a minor league baseball team, and were clearly outlined in the contract. He says if the city breaches the contract, it will send a bad message to anyone doing business with the city.

USA Today named Modern Woodmen the best park in the minor leagues last month.

Photo Credit: Craig Michaels

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