Emerald Ash Borer Has Now Been Detected Statewide, Except For One County

Detailed view of an Emerald Ash Borer

Photo: Monique van Someren / Moment / Getty Images

(Iowa) -- Emerald ash borer, an invasive insect known for killing ash trees, has now been detected in every Iowa county except for one.

The United States Department of Agriculture says the latest detection is in Palo Alto County in northwest Iowa.

The pest was detected in samples taken from an Ash tree at the Basswood Recreation Area near Emmetsburg.

Emerald ash borer was first detected in the United States in Michigan in 2002, and was first detected in Iowa in 2010 in Allamakee County.

Emmet County, on the far northern Iowa border, is the only remaining county free of the pest.

Anyone who suspects Emerald ash borer in Emmett County is strongly urged to report it to the DNR by calling 515-725-1470.

The USDA says the invasive wood-boring insect can kill an ash tree in within two years.

More information about Emerald ash borer can be found here.

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