12-Year-Old Boy Killed Playing Russian Roulette

Close-up image of a lone billet in a gun barrel

Photo: Getty Images

12-year-old boy was killed playing a game of Russian Roulette with two other children. The boy, Markell Noah, was reported missing last week and found in an abandoned house in Jackson, Mississippi, on Friday (November 25).

The Jackson Police Department announced that authorities arrested two juveniles and a 21-year-old adult in connection with Noah's death.

The two juveniles were charged with murder, and the adult is facing charges of accessory after the fact of murder.

Officials have not released the identity of the adult or said how the children managed to obtain a firearm.

Neighbors were shocked by the death, and one resident told WAPT that parents must be more vigilant when it comes to their kids.

"Know who your children are participating with and who your children are coming in contact with. Stay on your children. Be nosey. Know what they're doing and who they are doing it with," Star Appleberry told the news station.

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