Rain brings reduced Iowa drought conditions

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa's drought conditions are easing...a bit.

"Rain that fell, especially across Southern Iowa took quite a bit of that area out of abnormally dry conditions" says Iowa Department of Natural Resources Hydrology Resources Coordinator Tim Hall.

He says Northern Iowa didn't get much help from that rain, and is still in moderate to severe drought.

Hall says Iowa's riding a very thin line line right now between more drought and less drought...

"A couple of weeks without any rain and we'd see and expansion of D-0 (abnormally dry) conditions, but if we got a decent rainfall, we'd see D-0 cut back. Often times, hat sourt of improvement happens on the fringes, and that's what we saw in this week's drought monitor" he says.

Hall says there's lots of hope that rain across Iowa through early next week will continue to ease drought conditions.

"If we can get an inch, if we can get a couple of inches that will go a long way toward putting some moisture in the soil bank, and start getting us pointed in a better direction," he says.

The forecast calls for rain across much of Iowa from Friday through early next week.