UNMC Expert Remains Optimistic About Covid-19 Vaccine Development

A "Nebraska Medicine" infectious disease expert says there is a positive coming from the news this week that a major AstraZeneca Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine trial was put on hold when a subject developed an adverse reaction.

"I think actually, people should be reassured by this; that people are not ignoring warning signals in these trials," says Doctor Mark Rupp. "They're looking at them very, very closely, and I think there is a real commitment we are not going to bring a vaccine out until we're assured it's past the hurdle."

Rupp says he is gaurdedly optimistic that one or more vaccine candidates will emerge.

"I think it's a bit overly optimistic to suggest that they're going to be available here in the next month or so, but I am very hopeful that by sometime early next year, that we really have settled down on multiple vaccines that are effective, and we can go forward with vaccinating the public."

(Image courtesy of Nebraska medicine)