Alliant Says Power Could Be Restored To 90% Of Customers By End Of Tuesday

Alliant Energy says they plan to restore power to 90% of its customers impacted by last week's derecho by the end of Tuesday.

Following the storm last Monday, there were more than 240,000 Alliant Energy customers in 340 communities initially without service. As of Monday afternoon, 266 communities now have power to at least 90% of homes and businesses.

As of early Tuesday morning, about 47,000 customers across the state were still without power, including about 31,000 in Linn County.

“We have more than 2,000 workers, from all over the country, here helping us and we will get it fully restored,” said Terry Kouba, Alliant Energy SVP. “This storm brought damage beyond what we’ve ever seen. Iowans have always been strong when facing adversity, and we all will continue to power through together.”

He says they will not rest until each and every customer has power available to them. Alliant is encouraging customers to look at their meter box and the pole that comes out of it.

If the pole/meter socket is damaged, an electrician will need to come out and make repairs before Alliant can reconnect power. 

(Photo: KCRG-TV 9)

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