'NBC Nightly News' Catches UFO On Camera During Story About Navajo Indians

Photo: Getty Images

The Southwest is a hotbed for UFO activity - it's where Roswell is as well as the site of the infamous Area 51, where the government is rumored to house extraterrestrial crafts. There have been plenty of sightings in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada and this week, one was caught on camera, but not just any camera, a camera belonging to NBC Nightly News.

Reporter Cynthia McFadden was taking a close look at the water crisis that Arizona's Navajo Nation is currently facing during the pandemic, and as cameras rolled on Native Americans playing instruments and singing, an unidentified disc-shaped object can be seen high above them, bursting through clouds and flying across the sky.

While it could be a plane, the way it rips through the cloud makes it seem like it might be something else. You can watch it happen in the actual NBC News story below at the 2:46 mark.

If you doubt that it could be some kind of other worldly craft, remember that recently, the government essentially announced that UFOs exist and that there is even a Navy task force designated to investigating them. In fact, after a former member of that task force revealed to Congress that they found "off-world vehicles not made on this earth."

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