Increase In Gun Violence Impacting Cedar Rapids ER Department

An emergency room doctor in Cedar Rapids says the increase in gun violence in the city this year is alarming. .

“I’ve been with Mercy Medical Center since 2006 and this is the largest number of gunshot wounds I’ve seen to date in a year,” Dr. Matthew Aucutt tells KCRG-TV 9. “We don’t know quite what that is, we just know we’re seeing a lot more gunshots than we’re used to.”

So far this year, they’ve seen double the amount of gunshot patients come into their ER than last year.

Dr. Aucutt says the hospital is not currently overwhelmed, but the increase in gunshot victims has put a strain on them during the ongoing pandemic.

“Everybody has to make sure they are using proper PPE, and using all the infection control precautions. It’s just a lot more work to see the same the number of patients and when you’re seeing more level one traumas, which requires more resources, it just puts more strain on the healthcare system,” Aucutt tells KCRG-TV 9.

Whether 2020′s shootings are a trend or an exception, Aucutt says the hospital needs to be prepared. “If that continues to rise, we might have to look at additional coverage or make some changes in the future."

(Photo: KCRG-TV 9)

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