Cedar Rapids School District Unveils Return To Learn Plan

The Cedar Rapids School District has released its official return to learn plan. On Tuesday the district announced it wants to get its class sizes down to around 20 students per teacher, preferably 12-to-15.

Middle and elementary school students will go to class everyday while high schoolers will go to class two or three times a week.

Classes will be 80 minutes long in person instead of 40. All parents will also have the option of full-time online learning. Superintendent Noreen Bush tells KCRG-TV 9 why a school or the whole district might decide to go all online.

“With recommendations from the department of public health, if there is an outbreak of COVID 19 that is related to the district or it started after the school year begins, we would go back and look at the plans.”

The district has purchased sanitizing stations that will be located throughout the schools as well as decals and signage. The district said it will also be looking at how to social distancing in the classroom such as staggering desks and limiting the timing of people in common areas.

(Photo: KCRG-TV 9)

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