School District Poll Shows Most Parents Comfortable With Students In Class

A new poll from the Cedar Rapids School District shows the majority of parents feel comfortable sending their kids back to school this fall during the ongoing pandemic.

The survey released Monday shows 54 percent of parents are comfortable, while eleven percent say they're uncomfortable, and 36 percent say they're unsure how they feel.

Along with the survey the district has an updated return to school plan and they expect most teachers and students to return, with plenty of safety measures in place.

"We have decided as a school district to provide personal protective equipment for every single staff member, that would be a mask and a face shield," Superintendent Noreen Bush tells KCRG-TV 9. "We will provide masks to every single student."

Students will have to wear the masks in school and on buses. Bush says students will be given age-appropriate breaks from the masks and special accommodations if needed.

She says student-teacher ratios will be reduced as much as possible and social distancing will be enhanced.

District officials say that less than one-third of families responded to the survey. They are trying to get more responses from those not represented.

The district will hold virtual town halls to discuss the plans in late July. A final decision on which method of learning will be used this fall will be made during the week of July 27.


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