Randall Winston’s Fave ‘Scrubs’ Memories On ‘Fake Doctors, Real Friends’

Zach Braff and Donald Faison welcome producer Randall Winston to this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends to talk about how he got into the business, what he’s up to now, laugh about “the most expensive gag in Scrubs history” and much more. Randall wasn’t just the producer of Scrubs; he actually was in the show, playing both Death and Leonard, the hook-handed security guard, “who has tens of fans,” Randall laughs. Randall always wanted to be a producer, and one of his first jobs was working on Spin City with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. (They actually named the mayor after him!) But as Randall says, “TV credits are lousy with producers,” so what does a line producer like Randall actually do all day?

The line producer, Randall explains, is the person who keeps the show on track. They work with the director as well as the network and the studio to set the budget: Cast, crew, props and costumes, sets and locations, and everything else, for the whole series as well as each individual episode. And during shooting, they ensure that the budget is adhered to and the episode is delivered on time. Though the relationship between a director and a line producer can be contentious at times, “the goal is to be symbiotic….we’re all rowing in the same direction,” Randall says. They talk about a moment in season five, when J.D. drives his scooter into a giant puddle and meets a manatee named Julian. It required building two swimming pools up to city code in the parking lot, in addition to getting numerous permits, “but that was the biggest joke in the show!” Randall remembers. Zach says, “And you’re the person who’s so on board you’d be like, ‘We have to figure it out, that’s hilarious.’”  

They get into more behind-the-scenes memories, including when Zach was incredibly late to set one day, how Donald was able to remember his long, one-take monologues, and Randall “open-mouth-kissing” an intern as Leonard – to which Randall replies, “That was specifically requested!” Then two fans from Italy call in and they talk about watching dubbed versions of the show, complain about some of the songs on the soundtrack changing as licenses have run out over the years, give some acting tips, and do their best Neil Diamond and Aaron Neville impressions; hear all this hilarity and more on this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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